Annual Service Award
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    The Annual Service Award is presented each Fall at the Annual Conference to the member who best fits the following criteria:

        a. A current member of the Association
        b. Is currently working in health care/housing related services
        c. Has been a member of the Association for five or more years.
        d. Has done extensive work for his/her chapter and/or the Association
        e. Willingly share time and expertise with others
        f. Shows enthusiasm and dedication for the Social Work profession, long term care and the Association


    To recognize and reward outstanding members for their contributions to the Association


    1. Nominations from members should be submitted no later that August 15 to the Associationís State Board Recognition Chairperson
    2. The Recognition Chairperson submits candidates via mail to all Board Members (including Committee Chairs) for a vote
    3. Each Board Member will vote for one candidate and submit his/her vote to the Recognition Chairperson
    4. The Recognition Chairperson will compile the votes. The candidate with the most votes will receive the Service Award
    5. The Recognition Chairperson will arrange for the purchase of a plaque
    6. The Recognition Chairperson presents the Annual Service Award (plaque) at the Fall Annual Conference
    7. The Recognition Chairperson sends a letter of congratulations to the Administrator of the facility at which the recipient is employed
    8. The Recognition Chairperson sends details of the award to newspaper(s) in the recipientís area of employment and prepares an article for the Associations Newsletter
    9. The Recognition Chairperson will add the recipientís name to the list of previous recipients for record keeping


Nomination Form

If you would like to nominate someone for the Annual Service Award you can download and fill out the form below.

Nomination Form - Microsoft Word
Nomination Form - Adobe PDF



1990 Bobbi DuChamp
1991 Kit Haag
1992 Marge Balint
1993 Annyea Berg
1994 Peggy Lens Harnden
1995 Beth Daniels
1996 Peter Langseth
1997 Patrice Goette
1998 Carol Payne
1999 Jean Kaddatz
2000 Kathryn Bernstetter
2001 Pat Renberg
2002 Kori Petersson
2003 Doris Soderberg
2004 Tracy Wentin
2005 Mark King, Brenda Sack, & Judy Hauer
2006 Kathy Schrandt
2007 Barb Christenson
2008 Holly Karls
2009 Dawn Popowski
2010 Kori Petersson
2011 Brandi Blais
2012 Missy Brenhaug
2013 Trish Barten
2014 Ali Engler
2015 Kassara Kneeland
2016 Becky Eckstrand
2017 Danna Potter
2018 Stephanie Horak & Lisa Martin
2019 Janel Lee
2020 Brenda Turner