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The History of MNHSWA

    The Minnesota Nursing Home Social Workers Association began as a small group of Twin Cities metro area social workers.  Their first meeting was at the Citizen Aid Building, Minneapolis on September 14, 1972.  

    The group talked about their dreams for an Association that would help them understand and interpret the role of the nursing home social worker.  They also wanted to keep abreast of the many changes that were taking place in the nursing homes.

    A few social workers volunteered to form a steering committee to organize the association.  Many of those people became the executive committee when the Association became incorporated in 1975.

    The structure of the organization was developed and the constitution drafted and approved in that same year.  Officers for the first year were Lu (Pearman) Moberg - President, Kay Schmidt - Vice President, Sister Bernarda Maus, O.S.B. - Treasurer and Joyce Traczyk - Secretary.  They also served as the first Board of Directors and together, made up the "Founding Mothers".

    In her Presidential Report for 1975 Lu addressed the Association objectives:

  • To promote cooperation with other groups and organizations involved in social work, long term care and service to older persons.

  • To mobilize energy and leadership potential.

  • To respond to community needs as well as member's needs, for the association can never survive if it merely becomes self serving.

  •  To increase the visibility and credibility of the Association.

    The first newsletter was published in 1975.  It was developed to provide visibility to the organization, record official policy and to share professional expertise.  The first editorial group also hoped to describe new legislation, review books on topics of interest and communicate changes in the goals in the objectives of the Association.

    As the Association grew and social workers outside the Twin Cities Metro Area became involved, the Association divided into Chapters.  Each Chapter elected officers to conduct Chapter business, while Association business was conducted by a Board of Directors elected by the entire membership.

    The Minnesota Nursing Home Social Workers Association continues the work begun by the "Founding Mothers".  Their objectives remain relevant, today.